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The North American Free Trade Agreement… A Guide
for the Maquiladora Industry©
Rudy A. Piña

This new book offers practical solutions on the rules and regulations regarding the NAFTA from an industry expert. The book was written expressly for maquilas and importers of maquila goods and guides the reader through the NAFTA Rules of Origin stipulated in Chapters 3, 4, 5 of the Agreement and implemented in Parts 102 and 181, United States Customs Regulations.

In addition to taking the reader through the steps that should be taken to qualify a good under the NAFTA, the book provides: a detailed explanation of NAFTA Preference Criterion A, B, C, D, E; help on determining de minimis and regional value-content; guidelines on surviving a NAFTA origin verification visit; guidelines on properly completing the NAFTA Certificate of Origin; guidelines on correcting NAFTA-related mistakes; examples of U.S. Customs administrative rulings and a NAFTA Glossary.

The book also contains information regarding: the ten common mistakes made by maquilas; customs penalties; denial of NAFTA benefits; appeal procedures; advance ruling procedures; NAFTA recordkeeping requirements; the steps that a maquila must take to determine the country of origin of goods produced in Mexico; determining the customs value of goods produced in Mexico; and U.S. Customs compliance advice.

The book which is a must for companies that want to train their employees in NAFTA procedures and regulations contains 28 chapters and 155 pages. Soft cover/$49 each plus $4 shipping and handling charge.




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